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Narrative Systems and Simulated Storyworlds

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What new forms of storytelling are possible when we use computers to generate and curate narratives? From the strict causal logic of plots and conflict models and the dreamlike free-association…

From Popper to Ruby Jones: image copyrights in the age of Wikipedia

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Do you need permission to film a mural? Who owns the copyright for Popper’s passport photo? How do you get a photo into Wikipedia? Is museum taxidermy art, and can…

Workshop: Hands-on Wikipedia

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If you’ve ever wanted to know how Wikipedia works and how to edit it, come along to this practical workshop organised by the NZ Wikipedian at Large, Dr Mike Dickison….

How To Vandalise Wikipedia – a talk by NZ Wikipedian at Large,17 May 2019

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Did you hear about the young farmer from Dannevirke who got his name added to a Wikipedia list of mythical Japanese monsters, and it ended up appearing in a board…