The UC Arts Digital Lab is part of the Digital Humanities Department at the University of Canterbury, but serves a much wider research and teaching community across the entire College of Arts. We also collaborate with other UC departments and service units such as the libraries and ICTS, and with the wider GLAM sector (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums).

How can we help you?

We can collaborate with you to:

  • build websites that present your research to the world
  • create and analyse large or complex data sets
  • understand and display your data in new and dynamic ways
  • supervise digital student projects
  • facilitate training and workshops

Digital Humanities at UC

UC is the first university in New Zealand to offer Digital Humanities programmes. Arts graduates increasingly need new skills in order to work in a digital world. As well as embracing the powerful new research methods that technology enables, we must also critically examine how it shapes our societies.

UC offers DH teaching programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and internship opportunities for students.  

DH at UC is highly interdisciplinary, with connections to English, History, Art History, Classics, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Media and Communication, Journalism, Political Science, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, and the Human Interface Technology (HIT) Lab.

Ongoing Digital Humanities activities at UC include text encoding, digital archiving, GIS mapping, data visualisation, ‘big data’ analysis and online publishing. See Projects for more information.

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