Keynote Presentations

Plenary Keynote Panel: Indigenous Data Sovereignty — The Journey, and the Destination

Panelists: Professor Tahu Kukutai, Distinguished Professor Maggie Walters and Associate Professor Donna Cormack
Chair: Sacha McMeeking

2:00pm NZT
Monday 22 November, 2021

Keynote: Building a Regional Community of DH Practice – Yes We Can!

Presented by Rachel Esson, Te Pouhuaki National Librarian
Chair: Associate Professor Sydney Shep

2:00pm NZT
Tuesday 23 November, 2021

Keynote: Toward Slow Communities

Presented by Associate Professor Matthew K. Gold, The City University of New York
Chair: Professor Paul Millar

2:00pm NZT
Wednesday 24 November, 2021