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Civil engineering students bridge the gap

Flimsy fibre-board and glue are often the only things keeping students from a swim in the river at the University of Canterbury’s annual bridge-building competition. Civil engineering student Jaime Clark said the rules required each bridge to hold two people, but no more — it must break

Cantabrians share their earthquake experiences

University of Canterbury journalism students successfully wrapped up their community journalism project at a publication launch with their interviewees. The Graduate Diploma of Journalism students have been recording people’s everyday stories about the Canterbury earthquakes and recovery as part of Connecting our Stories, a project aimed at developing new

Pacific Underground returns to Christchurch for light festival.

After a three-year absence, Pacific Underground is returning to Christchurch for this month’s Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA). The Pacific group formed the backbone of Pacific art, song and dance in Canterbury, and launched the careers of Oscar Kightley, Ladi6 and Scribe on the grassy lawns of

New Brighton struggles to recapture glory days

These days there are diggers and piles of twisted metal where Queen Elizabeth II Park used to stand. Weeds sprout from dirt mounds behind cold wire fences. It is a sorry site. Ask anyone in New Brighton or even across wider Christchurch and memories of the place

Student’s phone app food for thought

What do you do when you want to compliment a business on its great service? If you’re University of Canterbury student Hannah Duder, you create an award-winning smartphone app. Duder, a fourth-year Law and Accounting student, won first prize in the University of Canterbury’s annual Entré Apps

Unhappy tourism operators call on port

They provide jet thrills, adventure tours and gondola rides, and they want cruise ship customers back in Lyttelton. High Country Explorer Tours director Rod Bennett leads a group of 38 unhappy tourism operators and activity providers who are calling on the Lyttelton Port of Christchurch (LPC) to

Anita Voisey: ‘It’s about journeying together’

While many people left Christchurch after the earthquakes, Anita Voisey did the opposite. “This is the only place I’ve lived outside of Auckland within New Zealand,” she says. She made the move for people she’d never met, and took a job that didn’t exist. She came to

Tracy Pirie: ‘You have to be bold’

“It’s the perfect coffee,” Tracy Pirie says, waving at her favourite photo on the wall of Kaiapoi’s Fresh Aromas café. Makes sense; coffee is her passion and running a community hub was always on her agenda, even before the Canterbury quakes. “We’d always talked about it. You

Denise Ashton: ‘I honestly don’t know how we survived’

The ocean hadn’t changed. That was the simple truth Denise Ashton relied on in the aftermath of the February 2011 earthquake. Her house was damaged, the streets and lawns were covered in liquefaction, and she had no power, but every morning she found a way to make

Cassie Welch: ‘The church has a lot to offer’

“It’s really valuable to keep having fun,” says 25-year-old Cassie Welch. “It’s easy to get worn down with all the stress people are dealing with day to day and you forget to go out and enjoy yourself a little bit.” Welch isn’t talking about heading to the