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Insects caught in `sex traps’

Alluring sex traps are getting pest insects into sticky situations and putting New Zealand’s apples a bite above their overseas counterparts. Plant and Food Research scientists are eliminating the need to use pesticides with “green” pest control techniques. Plant and Food Research’s Dr Flore Mas is part

Music one big experiment for rising star

Recorded in home-built studios made from cupboards, blankets, polystyrene and a bath, Laura Hunter’s first EP, Quiet Underwater, conforms to nothing.   It’s as much a reinvention as Hunter’s hometown, post-quake Christchurch.   Mashing upbeat pop songs, drum and bass, and everything electronic, it is, she says,

`Hilarious mess of paddles, kayaks’

The goalie holds his paddle and eyes the ball with an aggressive stare. Hands gripped tightly, he prepares to launch into action. “Ten seconds!” someone yells from the rectangular water pitch. A member of the Burnside team shoots, but does not score. University defender Owain John hits

Chili rice key to team building

Seven teens sprinted for the spicy rice and two litres of milk in the middle of Christchurch’s Latimer Square. They were not hungry, so much as eager to win. The students were among 12 high school teams competing in the city’s own version of the Amazing Race.

UCPols students host mayoral debate

Some of the less-heralded mayoral candidates had the opportunity to speak before an audience this afternoon, joining frontrunners Lianne Dalziel and Paul Lonsdale for the event hosted by the University’s Political Science club (UCPOLS). Max Towle live-blogged the debate here, and spoke to some of the candidates

Mayoral Debate_Live Blog

This afternoon, nine mayoral candidates spoke to students and members of the public at the University of Canterbury. Max Towle live-blogged the event. The state of democracy is strong in Christchurch, we just need the government to realise this. Even when we disagree, we can talk in