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Hair today . . . art tomorrow

Creative and wearable hat designs will be exclusively showcased at this year’s Cup and Show Week for the first time. Although hats have always been a focus at the races, this year will see a competition specifically celebrating just the shoulders up. The Hat and Hair Art

Locked in a body that doesn’t work

While studying medicine at the University of Otago, Claire Reilly and her peers discussed which disease was the worst with which to be diagnosed. Then in 2006, while she was working as a medical administrator at Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Dr Reilly began tripping up and having

Kids hope to spell their way to $5k prize

Hannah Warner is hoping to spell her way to $5000 at the national spelling bee final. Hannah, 14, who attends Villa Maria College and placed third in the regional final, will travel to Wellington this month with two other Christchurch high school students who made the cut.

Auckland fruit boosts food banks

For the first time since it began four years ago, Auckland-based charity Community Fruit Harvesting has sent 30 boxes of citrus fruit to Christchurch to be distributed by local food banks. Boxes of grapefruit, oranges, tangelos, lemons and limes were shared among the Salvation Army, City Mission

Freeze Out contest starts heating up

In true Cantabrian fashion, warm red and black socks are on standby for Michelle Bennett. The mother of two is one of four finalists to win a trip to Antarctica as part of the Freeze Out competition, where participants answer Antarctic-themed questions. Finalists claim to be more than

Stories of jail and parole told through dance

Christchurch parolees’ stories are being told through contemporary dance as part of the city’s Body Festival. Hagley Dance Company’s show Forward and Beneath opened this week and included 11 dance pieces linking the stories. The students interviewed parolees from the Salisbury Street Foundation who were either on