Monthly Archive:: October 2015


New Brighton’s future at heart

New Brighton businessman Paul Zaanen is doing all he can to build a better, brighter future for his seaside suburb. He talks to Ollie Ritchie about trusting the community to come up with its own solutions.   

A space for creatives in New Brighton

There’s a black door covered in white painted koru at 186A Shaw Avenue, New Brighton. The sign saying Toi Te Karoro has a matching colour theme on one side and a red and black touch if you’re approaching from the opposite end of the street. They are

Civil Defence bureaucracy sparks community response plan

People were shovelling silt and families were baking to feed them. But Civil Defence was refusing to allow the distribution of homemade food for fear of contamination. The Civil Defence decision, during the 2011 Canterbury earthquakes, angered Burwood-Pegasus Community Board member Tim Baker. He objected to the bureaucracy

The Redcliffs Shed: a community asset

The Redcliffs Community Shed provides a second home for community members. Ryan Thomas talks to chairman Nev Dell about what the shed offers himself and his community. Men are known to have smaller circles of friends than women. For one retired businessman, the Redcliffs Community shed allows

Barbara Strang: “a hidden gem”

Poet and gardener Barbara Strang is a rock in the Mt Pleasant community, committed to supporting its people and restoring the environment. Alice Peacock reports on her website: Barbara Strang is weathering the corrosion zone.