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A space for creatives in New Brighton

There’s a black door covered in white painted koru at 186A Shaw Avenue, New Brighton. The sign saying Toi Te Karoro has a matching colour theme on one side and a red and black touch if you’re approaching from the opposite end of the street. They are

Civil Defence bureaucracy sparks community response plan

People were shovelling silt and families were baking to feed them. But Civil Defence was refusing to allow the distribution of homemade food for fear of contamination. The Civil Defence decision, during the 2011 Canterbury earthquakes, angered Burwood-Pegasus Community Board member Tim Baker. He objected to the bureaucracy

The Redcliffs Shed: a community asset

The Redcliffs Community Shed provides a second home for community members. Ryan Thomas talks to chairman Nev Dell about what the shed offers himself and his community. Men are known to have smaller circles of friends than women. For one retired businessman, the Redcliffs Community shed allows

Barbara Strang: “a hidden gem”

Poet and gardener Barbara Strang is a rock in the Mt Pleasant community, committed to supporting its people and restoring the environment. Alice Peacock reports on her website: Barbara Strang is weathering the corrosion zone.  

Surf’s up for New Brighton

The North Wai Boardriders club is pulling the New Brighton community together with surfing. Georgina Campbell reports.

19 Years Dedicated to Richmond

Tony McCahon, community development leader at Delta Community Support Trust, spends long days at the Richmond office ensuring those who approach the trust receive the help they need. He tells reporter Millie Carr that he feels a “natural connection with people on the outer who struggle”.

Chris Ponniah: ‘Passionate about the community’

In Christchurch everyone has an earthquake story. Some are about loss; the loss of a job or the loss of loved ones. Many are about stress and frustration at the long struggle with repairs, insurance and EQC. Chris Ponniah’s story is about exhaustion. He is worn out

Cantabrians share their earthquake experiences

University of Canterbury journalism students successfully wrapped up their community journalism project at a publication launch with their interviewees. The Graduate Diploma of Journalism students have been recording people’s everyday stories about the Canterbury earthquakes and recovery as part of Connecting our Stories, a project aimed at developing new

Anita Voisey: ‘It’s about journeying together’

While many people left Christchurch after the earthquakes, Anita Voisey did the opposite. “This is the only place I’ve lived outside of Auckland within New Zealand,” she says. She made the move for people she’d never met, and took a job that didn’t exist. She came to

Tracy Pirie: ‘You have to be bold’

“It’s the perfect coffee,” Tracy Pirie says, waving at her favourite photo on the wall of Kaiapoi’s Fresh Aromas café. Makes sense; coffee is her passion and running a community hub was always on her agenda, even before the Canterbury quakes. “We’d always talked about it. You