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Tony Milne: campaigning for change

New Zealand’s parliament has a rich history of protesters turning into gamekeepers. Some of these protesters-cum-politicians, such as Sue Bradford, protest at full volume. People know who they are. Some are much quieter, and are almost never seen with a banner in hand, but they are vocal

Olympic canoeist finds balance on and off the water

Fifth-year medical student, Ella Nicholas is completing an Orthopedics and Neurology round at Christchurch Hospital — and pursuing a world-class kayaking career. Nicholas placed 18th in her division at the 2012 London Olympics and has her sights set on a medal at the Rio Olympics in two

Young ones and frontrunners

EMILY SPINK and GEORGIA NELSON catch up with some of the Christchurch local election contenders: mayoral frontrunners Lianne Dalziel and Paul Lonsdale, and three of UC’s current and former students Jeremy Kaye, Bridget Williams and Erin Jackson. The Young Ones Jeremy Kaye Jeremy is a 4th year

Student interest in elections low

The local body elections are almost at hand, providing many students their first chance to vote, but will they? Youth enrolment rates remain low and students say they are uninterested in the elections. FIONA THOMAS, JADE COOPER and KATE DAVIDSON investigate. Of 20 University of Canterbury students

Student unions shy away from political role

Student unions, once firebrand mouthpieces on the national political scene, are increasingly steering clear of controversial public debates, says a political commentator. University of Canterbury political science lecturer Bronwyn Hayward said student unions had become more business-like in recent years, basing decision-making on private sector models rather

Candidates take mixed approach to social media

Christchurch City Council candidate Erin Jackson knows the power of social media. As University of Canterbury Students’ Association president for the last two years, she has engaged with about 15,000 students across the association’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and has developed a dedicated social media strategy for the

Nine things you didn’t know about the District Health Board elections and were too embarrassed to ask

1. Let’s start with the basics. What is a District Health Board? District Health Boards oversee public health services in New Zealand. They liaise with health care providers including hospitals, general practices, pharmacies and laboratories to ensure New Zealand’s health care system is operating properly. The Canterbury

Youth key to Christchurch rebuild

Christchurch’s two most prominent mayoral candidates know attracting youth to the city will be key to a successful rebuild, but is that easier said than done? MAX TOWLE  has been talking to some of those invested in the efforts. The scene at C1 Espresso is ground for

Portuguese teen keen to play rugby the Kiwi way

Portuguese teenager Joao Belo’s favourite rugby team may be Australia but for learning how to play the game, New Zealand is “number one”. The captain of Brazil’s under-19 team, Belo, a halfback or first five- eighth, is studying at Christchurch Boys’ High and getting coaching from the